WP Engine Professional

WP Engine is one of the best known web host companies in the world today. They focus mainly on a one niche system which is only ‘WordPress Hosting’. Founded by Jason Cohen and Aaron Brazell in 2010, it is a very powerful hosting platform which is anchored on three main hosting principals:

WP Engine’s entire hosting system factually runs on a WordPress platform. The company only offers hosting services to wordpress sites only.


Advantages of Using WP Engine Professional

The WP Engine hosting company is virtually new when compared to other hosting companies. Nevertheless, they have introduced a very brilliant management technique that has paid off with the achievement of a strategic market position. The hosting company has attracted very many influencers and big companies into the WordPress community. Companies such as Balsamiq, HTC, FourSquare, and many more are some of the most common brands that are WP Engine-hosted. Other websites hosted in there millions are personal and business blogs. The following are some of the advantages of using WP Engine Professional:

•Sites load faster at WP Engine; WordPress hosted sites naturally load faster when compared to other hosting companies. The average loading speeds and response time is almost 100% when measured by Pingdom.

•Cost Effective; the cost of hosting a website on WP Engine is relatively cheaper when compared to other hosting service providers. The WordPress Engine entry level plan which is also known us personal plan for a single WordPress site costs $29 per month. Other packages include professional for $99, business for$249, and enterprise plan. These prices include several securities and maintenance features, daily backup services, malware and virus scanning, a one click restore point of your site, certain managed upgrades, and also hacker free guarantees are also dished out.

•Assistance with moving your sites; WordPress staff are very supportive when it comes to switching or moving blogs. The client is only needed to request for an assisted migration. A customer is assisted to do a MySQL transfer, FTP file transfers and other major activities carried out during switching of hosting service providers.

•Reliable Hosting Servers of 100% uptime record; In any case there is a sudden traffic spike or even unplanned server outages, web traffic of your sites will be automatically rerouted to alternative servers.

•One-Click Restore Points; it only takes a single click to take a clear snapshot and access your website and database/ files stored on their servers. Restore of functions also takes a single click.

•24/7 customer support; WP Engine is very prominent in their support delivery services. By using a typical support ticket system or a live chat, it will take a few hours for a qualified and enthusiastic professional to be available. They are extremely helpful by offering quick answers.

WP Engine Startup Package Prices?

•Starting Monthly Fee: $29.00 (Personal)
•Bandwidth: Unlimited
•Domains: One WordPress Installation
•Local Storage: 10 GB
•Number of visitors: > 25,000
•Support: Yes, via online, email and Twitter. Phone support is available on the Business package only.
•Transfer Fee: None, if you transfer the site yourself. They only cWP-Engine-review-pricingharge for a managed website migration and prices is quoted.
•Free Trial Period: Sixty days
Other packages include:
•Professional Package: All the features of the Personal Package, but with 10 WordPress installations, 100,000 monthly visitors and 20 GB of local storage. Still no phone support. $99.00 per month.
•Business Package: All the above features, but offers 25 WordPress installations, 250,000 monthly visitors and 30 GB of local storage. Free phone support offered. $249.00 per month.

If in any case you don’t have the ability or desire to manage a self-hosting service, then WP Engine is an ideal option. You only focus on your business while they focus on hosting your site. The company provides fast servers situated in different locations in the world. The staging feature on WP Engine Professional allows users to effectively test website changes without affecting your live blog. Compared to other web hosting service providers, this isn’t the cheapest hosting, however, it is a very solid and practically worry-free and with one of this Wpengine coupon code you can  be free’er